PID Testing Devices


 testing equipment PIDcon
© Fraunhofer CSP
Thanks to the testing equipment PIDcon potential-induced degradation (PID) can be detected already on solar cell level.
  • suitable for PID testing of solar cells or encapsulant materials (polymers, glass)
  • quick PID tests without manufacturing of test modules
  • cells to be inspected after PID-testing without breakage
  • testing temperature freely adjustable
  • safety housing chamber with interlock switches
  • can handle cells and materials up to 8“ edge length


PIDcheck prototype
© Fraunhofer CSP
PIDcheck prototype at work: The serial production of the mobile test equipment for PV modules in systems is about to start soon.
  • fast PID testing of mounted PV modules in existing PV systems
  • suitable for mobile outdoor measurements
  • predictions on long-term yields of photovoltaic plants
  • proving the regeneration of PID-damaged cells


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